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Greddy III Turbo Timer Installation Samuel 2004

DISCLAIMER: This is for informational purposes ONLY. DO NOT even try to attempt this unless you have a complete understanding of what you are doing, and that you have at least enough expertise, as well as common sense!

Greddy III Turbo Timer installation guide in foglight/cupholder

Preface: After installation of my GIAC installed 2 years ago, I have always wanted to install a turbo timer to help with proper cooling for my turbo. After some research of this turbo timer install, I found several guides/write up from Audi World tech as well as fellow AW posts; although the current guide in the AW tech gave a pretty good direction on the install, but picking through the ignition wires as well as possibly various problems with windows / locks after the install seems like a big task for a electrical noob like me to tackle this. However, with the help with Chad's guide and Kitch's post about an different approach, I have found that installing a turbo timer way easier than what it seemed.

Supplies/Tools Needed:
* Greddy Turbo Timer III (~$80.00)
* Wrench or ratchet / socket (for battery terminals)
* Wire Cutters
* Friction Tape (it's highly advisable to use friction tape...I'll explain later. BTW - this is very similar to the tape which is used on hockey can buy it from any Sporting Goods store)
* 14ga. Red Wire (You can buy both Red and Black wires, the wire is mainly for extending the wire length from the turbo timer)
* Wire taps (2-4; depends if you want to tap everything or just slice)
* Inline fuse holder (mini-weld)

Approximate time: 1hr to 3hr

Prep work on turbo timer:
1) Lay out your turbo timer kit (things you need)

TT turbo timer & BIG wiring harness w/ 4 wires.
* RED: Power
* BLUE: E-brake
* GREEN: Ignition
* BLACK: Grounded

2) Cut up the un-needed wire (BLUE) all the way to the harness. This is for the E-brake setup, which will not be covered in this guide.

3) Use the 14ga. wires to extend the wire that comes off the harness about 2-3 feet longer (Red and Green), the BLACK ground wire is quite long, so you don't need to extend this one. I use Red wire to extend turbo timer's RED and the cut out blue wire to extend turbo timer's GREEN.

Finding place for turbo timer:

4) I choose to put it in my fog light switch location since I like to have a cup holder. Many people choose to put in the turbo timer in replace of the cup holder. Pop the trim off around your cup holder using a small flathead screwdriver.

5) There are two metal clips that hold the the fog light / ESP switch assembly in place - pry them off & slide out the whole assembly; unplug the the foglight switch ont he back. *** I have since then relocated my switch to the drive side ***

6) Drop the driver's side knee bolster. Depending on where you are installing the turbo timer, you might need to pull out the instrument cluster, direction can be found at Audi World tech. I do not see the need of taking out the cluster for the location I chose.

7) Now, you should be able to fish the Greddy harness from the cup holder locale to under the steering column. Connect the harness to the turbo timer and drop it to underneath the column.

8) Wrap the turbo timer a few times w/ friction tape - or electrical tape - & push it into the cup holder / fog light switches recess. It should fit nicely Reinstall the trim piece. Looks good, huh?

9) Back under the dash, cut off the Molex plug on the turbo timer harness. You'll have three wires - RED, GREEN, & BLACK (BLUE was cut). Now we are ready to connect the turbo timer to the car.

Wire connections:

1) Since you are working with electrical now, it's a good idea to disconnect the (-) terminal of your battery to avoid any fireworks.

3) Pop the fuse cover panel and Remove the bolts that hold the fuse box to that metal bracket - pull it down)

4) Find the tiny BLACK w/BLUE wire coming out the back of position #6 - cut it... yeah - CUT IT.

5) Remove fuse from position#6 (put it into the inline fuse holder). Connect the wire that you just cut from fuse 6 (central locking) to a fuse holder; I put an 5 amp fuse into the holder. Then connect the other end of fuse holder to the 75x post next to the 30.

6) Now the other wires, the turbo timer's GREEN goes to the VAG connector that is underneath the knee bolster. Look for the a tiny Black/Blue wire on VAG connector and use a wire tap to connect to the turbo timer GREEN wire (blue in the picture since that's what I use to extend the wire).

7) The turbo timer RED wire goes to the 30 post. I just made a loop with the wire and attach there.

Final connection check

8) Find a nice place to ground the turbo timer using the pre-terminated BLACK wire. I used the bolt that secures the fuse box.

9) Re-connect (-) battery terminal & make sure everything is powered up & the turbo timer is singing it's stupid little song. Hate it - it's OK, you can change it in the setting.

10) Clean up your wiring w/ a few zip ties &/or friction tape, put everything back together, & set-up the turbo timer as per directions