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DIY Oil Change 2.0l adminisTerTurbo 2008
i hang out mostly over at the MkI TT forum. but mom just recently purchased an '08 s line 2.0 6-speed. we don't exactly trust our dealer so she asked if i would do her first oil change. I drove in for memorial day weekend to do it. wow was it easy and clean compared to the TT. i got everything from ECS.

here we go. get some spare filters to save on shipping, wOOt!

get the drain tool, it really make for a clean job but it messy to clean up and isn't exactly nessecary.

put car on ramps

i love pentosin products, you'll need 4.5 litrs

take all of the screws off of the undertray

but you only need to take the inside one out near each of the wheels.

locate the oil filter casing

spin off the dust cap

spin on the schwaben tool under the car. here's a pic to give you an idea, only spin this on until you see it drain. if you turn it all the way on until it clicks. it can tear up the orange valve. once cartrige is off pull orange valve down with needle noses to close it.

spin the cartidge off with a 36mm like so

complete from the top w/ your hand

remove cartidge and o-ring. a new one will be supplied with the new filter

drain the pan into a catch pan here with the 19mm. i think it's a 19mm, might be a 17mm you are supposed to replace the plug and o-ring every time. i replace the o-ring by clipping the old one off and replacig with copper every 2-3 changes and replace the plug every 5-6 changes.

tighten up drainplug, spin cartrige on. tq spec will be on housing. 25nm +5 (i don't know what +5 means) fill with 4.5 litres of liquid gold bishes, check for leak and put the under tray back on...
advance auto will recycle your old oil. i like to use a 6 gallon gas tank to store it until i can get it recycled.

on the '08 you can reset the service light on the dash, but i had my vag-cable anyway. i'd suggest 5k mile intervals with the known fuel dilution problems of these FSI engine. i'll have the next batch tested at the lab.

drink a beer and pat yourself on the back for saving some dough!

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