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S4 Performance Testing Don Pavlik 2000

Finally did some S4 testing with G-TECH/Pro. Bash this handy device if you will... I don't care I consider it a handy tool.

Bear in mind that these runs were done while it was raining so the numbers may.... errr, wait a minute.... never mind... I have quattro. Who cares if it was raining! Launching hard in the rain is just like launching in the dry--effortless and highly effective. :)

These runs, with the exception of the "easy" 0-60 runs, are around 3000 rpm launch, very little clutch slip with shifts right before the fuel cut-off. I did 4 runs for each set and averaged the results with the exception of the 1/4 runs, only 3 of them, a police car appeared nearby so I figured that was a good time to wrap things up.

And, just out of curiosity, I did some 0-60 runs as if I were driving briskly on the street. Easy 1500 rpm start from a stop, moderate throttle and just over 4000 rpm shifts. I held 3rd a little further past 4000 than the 1-2, 2-3 so I wouldn't have to shift to 4th get to 60 mph. Just driving this car easy it still dusts a wide array of vehicles.

Conditions: 76F, sloppy, raining, 82% relative humidity, altitude: nearly sea-level, 3/4 tank of fuel, stock S4

S4 G-TECH/Pro Runs

0-60 (average)  5.48 sec 
1/4 mile [email protected] 99.7 mph
0-60 (easy runs) 7.23 sec

I've been asked many times how the S4 compares to the performance of my former A4 with a 1.8t and a K04 turbo upgrade. So, a few comments. Around town driving there is simply no comparison and at speeds over 80 mph there is no contest. The S4 is just plain effortless speed. You want to go fast? Just prod the throttle with almost no regard for the currently selected gear... no planning whatsoever... whoosh, you're off. With the A4-K04 you'd typically have to grab a gear or two and zing up the engine to get it into the 2500+ rpm range where things really started happening then it moved swiftly... but still not as swift as the S4. Where the S4 is silky smooth and deceptively fast the A4-K04 was a feisty, in-your-face "hey, I'm gonna go now" power. Passengers always knew when I was hauling ass in the A4-K04... the S4 gives nothing away until they realize that traffic is gone or if they glance at the speedo and note its fast clockwise progress.

With the A4-K04, my "best ever" 1/4 mile time was [email protected] mph. I achieved this time with practice, clutch-unfriendly launches and "working her hard" the whole time. I also clicked off 0-60 times in the 5.80-5.90 using the same technique. The S4 times listed above, by comparison, were achieved using what I'd refer to as a lazy "ho-hum" style with no drama, not beating up on the car, not rushing gear changes. The S4 times were easily achieved numbers.

Note: The A4-K04 times I list were also measured with my G-TECH/Pro so, IMO, the numbers are an "apples to apples" comparison.

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