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A4 K04 turbo upgrade Don Pavlik 2000

K04-015 Turbo Installation

I originally planned to have detailed, step-by-step installation instructions for the turbo.  But, after doing the install myself I came to the conclusion that if somebody needed detailed nut-by-nut, bolt-by-bolt, part-by-part instructions to do the install they probably should not be doing it.  There are way too many steps to lay them all out in a straight line and document. Robert Bentley Inc. may do it... but I'm not Bentley.   IMO, if the thought crossed your mind or you have to ask, "Can I do the install myself?" the answer is probably "No".  I'm not suggesting the install is hard -- it isn't.  It's pretty straight forward and really doesn't have any big "gotchas" along the way but it does require a certain amount of mechanical ability and a reasonable complement of tools to do the job.  I would think nothing of yanking a transmission in my garage on a saturday morning to replace an input shaft seal... would you?

The Tools
(Note the band-aids... flesh sacrifice to the wrench gods ensures success)

I took 4:15 to complete the job.  25 minutes of that time was spent looking for one stupid bolt that I dropped (the gods snickered).  I also spent time taking pictures and comforting my 7 month old Golden Retriever who was none to happy with the noise of my air ratchet and the air compressor suddenly springing to life... off into the house with him after a romp in the back yard to chill him out.  Oh yeah, I ate an unfrosted blueberry pop-tart too.

So, what I decided to do is skim the surface, hit the high points if you will.  The nitty-gritty details are up to you and your ability.  There are a few things worth noting along the way and I'll cover that kind of information.  

  • You'll need to put the car up on stands or on ramps for access from below. 
  • You do not need to drop the exhaust.
  • Plan on an oil change.  The turbo oil drain line connects to the bottom of the oil pan so the current slippery stuff is history unless you catch it and <gasp> put it back in.  You wouldn't do that... would you?!?  I didn't think so...
  • If you're careful you'll only loose a couple ounces of engine coolant.
  • Obviously, you need to remove the belly pan.

Removing the engine cover first requires undoing the snaps at the front and rear.

Then, if you have a car with the 2-piece engine cover, pull up on the rear section to free the small cover then slide it forward to get the cover finger out of the cover slot. At this point lift the main cover from the snap side and it will "hinge" off the mounting tabs. 

You must remove the air box for access to the turbo.  Remove the airbox cover, the one bolt that secures the airbox, 3 hoses, the cold-air intake snorkel (secured near the radiator), the turbo inlet hose on the airbox side and the one electrical connector that leads toward the front to the boost control solenoid. Push down on the spring wire on the connector to release it.  Audi chooses to use one-time crimp type clamps on the hoses so pick up some clamps.  Note that the heat shield remains attached to the airbox.  The airbox will just flop up onto the cowl once disconnected although still tethered to the car by hoses and wiring.

  • Remove the heat shield (2 bolts, 3 screws) 
  • Later disconnect the coolant and oil supply lines.  Pinch the hose of the coolant line before removing.  You'll want to do the lines  later I just mention it here cuz the picture is convenient. 


On the floor with ya.  Drain the oil and loosen the oil drain line. While you're down there loosen the clamp for the turbo inlet hose. If you are double jointed pull the hose off... if not go back upstairs and disconnect the hose.

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