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Tip ECU Removal Instructions Silvertip 2002

Disclaimer: While I have tried to make this guide as accurate as possible you make modifications to your vehicle at your own risk.

Ready to install my new Tip ECU (GIAC Race version)

Start by moving the passenger seat all the way back

Closeup of where bottom screw is for taking kick panel off (2 screws total)

Closeup of bottom screw cover removed

Closeup of upper screw on kick panel

Kick Panel Removed (simply lift up from bottom of panel, then pull out and down to remove)

Plastic carpet trim piece removed (use a quick short pull straight up at the 3 locations. You can only see 2 locations in this picture. 3rd one is closer to the seat)

Lift up carpet (it's pretty stiff) and insert a short piece of 2x4 (that way you have 2 hands free to pull out the ECU box)

Lift front of ECU slightly and then slide forward about 1" or so, as there are 2 locating pins front and back that hold the ECU box from moving around under the carpet. You can then slide it out from underneath the carpet.

Open up the ECU's protective box

Install new ECU

Make sure you install ECU's protective box back into holder. Took me 40 minutes to install while taking pictures. No harder to install than Engine ECU.

I would do the mod again. I feel it to be a very nice mod. I wish the factory would have done this. Response in shifting both in the "D" and "Tip" mode are much quicker. Also, it is still butter smooth when shifting. Just the lag time between shifts is greatly reduced. That alone makes it feel smoother IMHO. I mean the 2nd to 3rd shift is so smooth, it feels as if 2nd is almost one long gear!

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