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TitleNeuspeed Short Shifter Install (A4 6-speed) Alex Demsky 2004

These are pretty much the supplies you will need. I usually always wear gloves so to protect myself and the car from grime and pain. 

Put fingers inside shift boot and under and pull up. Easiest part of the process. 

You will see the few pieces of insulation needed to take out. 

After taking out insulation you will see the shifter cover. Its only two screws. 

Cover off you will see 4 #25 torx screws and 2 6mm hex nuts. The second hex nut is below the top one. You can see it better when moving the lever to 5-6th position. 

Better picture of the lower hex bolt. Top hex removed. 

Shifter mechanism removed from the car. 

The two shifters side by side. Stock on left, Neuspeed on right. Differences are noticeable immediately. 

Neuspeed shifter installed in reverse order.  

Everything back together.

I have videos of before and after the install of me shifting through the gears. The difference is extreme. Very short throws and definitely notchier ie. more feel. If anyone has any questions or comments please share. If you want to see the videos feel free to email me and I'll send them right out to you.

Good luck and happy motoring.

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