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Tiptronic Recode for FWD and Non-US Vehicles Alex Smith 2004

Just to be clear if you screw up your car...its not my fault. You can damage your engine and that was your choice to do so...just please be careful.

Purpose: The Tip recode tutorials I have seen have only talked about American AWD cars, I own a FWD and so I was interested in doing something similar to my car.

Background: When a non Quattro, or non American car has "00032" entered as a recode, it simply returns to the original code upon reboot. I have found a slightly modified version of the tip recode, which should allow anyone to recode.

Procedure: To perform this recode you need VAG-COM and a basic VAG-cable, the cheapest way to do this is via a serial cable (which can be purchased through eBay, I bought mine from "ezaudivw") and shareware version. The recode procedure is very simple, I will use my car as an example:

MY 2000 Front-Trac 2.8
  Software coding: 00004
  Workshop coding: 00000

While leaving the last number alone, because this is an indication of country and drive train, change the 10's places. Example:

MY 2000 Front-Trac 2.8
  Software coding: 00034
  Workshop coding: 00000

Changing the workshop code has no effect on the mod, it is a code indicating the last shop to work on the car. It should be left alone.

The values that are usable for the 10s place are:
  0 - stock
  1 - sport
  2 - hold gear until redline
  3 - both 1 and 2

Example values:
  0000X (stock)
  0001X (sport)
  0002X (hold gear)
  0003X (hold gear and sport)