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Labree Downpipe for A4 FWD shep 1.8t 2005

Unlike the Quattro version the frontrack Milltek does not have a downpipe, and is slip jointed into the existing stock downpipe. If you want to add a downpipe you must order one either from Milltek (do a search for Aranda A4, he did this on his FWD A4) or the one from LaBree. (which is what I did) Keep in mind that if you order just the down pipe you will be short about 2-3 feet of tubing. Knowing this I ordered a 4 foot section of stainless with an identical flange already welded onto the tubing from LaBree in addition to the downpipe. The total for both the downpipe and the extra 4 foot section of tubing with flange prewelded was 300 dollars.

Now on to the photos.

Here is the Milltek and the stock system where they join just under the middle of the car. Note the extreme amount of room because of the lack of drive shaft to the rear of the vehicle. You may have to cut about 6 inches off the Milltek because the slip jointed sections were sealed with exhaust paste and basically made it impossible to come apart.

Here is a shot of the stock system as it heads up toward the cat.

The stock down pipe removed, the area of most restriction was just before the flex joint.

Here you can see some point in the last 89K miles there was a nice dent to the stock downpipe further reducing the inside diameter of the tubing. I would gess 1 3/4 inches right there if not a little less.

Here is a picture of the Labree downpipe installed. It sits a little higher up than the stock one and its angled better than the stock one as well.

Another shot of the tight conditions you'll be working in.

This is probably the most important picture, because it illustrates why I ordered that additional 4 feet of tubing. In the future if you are in the same boat you may want to ask LaBree for just the tubing and the flange seperate and you can weld it together once you bend it. When we were bending the tubing the pre welded flange almost got in the way of the die, so keep that in mind. There is only one bend required to get the Milltek and the LaBree downpipe to line up, its about 15-20 degrees at most.

Here you can see that we have bent the exhaust and also slip jointed it in preperation for welding.

After we welded the two peices together the tech put a small coat of silver paint over the weld, which I thought was wierd till he explained that the mild steel and the stainless would be less prone to rusting than the weld between them would be; hence the paint.

Total cost for labor including tax for cutting bending and installing was 84 dollars.

The exhaust note hasn't really changed much as far as I can tell.