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710G DV install BSK 2005

Install is easy and shouldnt take more than an hour.

Remove the belly pan cover

The DV is located on the passenger front side of
the engine in between the spoiler and wheel

Its hold in place with 3 connections
loosen up the hose clamp with a flat head screwdriver

Pse tinsnips or cutter to break loose the crimp style clamp on the rest of the 2 hoses

Pull old DV out and insert the new one

Install in the reverse order and replace the now broken crimp hose clamp with a regular screw type one as the one that is allready attached to the vehicle

710 is the stock DV
710G is often sold instead of the 710N
710N is the TT 225hp valve

Ii really didnt see and increase in boost. maybe 1 psi or so but the boost seems to come in faster now and the throttle response is more crisp

My old DV was not leaking, as far as i know. i wanted to update it only.

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