A4 FAQ: MIL & Common Causes

From the A4 Forum. Written by: Mike S. in 1998
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If your Malfunction Indicator Light is on it may be something simple causing it. A few tips to avoid this problem:

  1. Always use premium, high quality (brand names like Shell, Amoco, BP, Mobil, Chevron) fuel.
  2. Do not start your car and shut it right off (such as when you up move it out into the driveway or somewhere else where it doesn't run for at least 5 minutes or so), as this can easily foul a spark plug. (1.8t's have a significant problem with this. No flames please, it's fact!)
  3. Don't. repeat, don't give your car ANY gas while starting it. You have a modern, fuel injected system that gives itself enough gas at start up. Giving it gas while starting will hurt the startup procedure.
  4. Tighten your gas cap very well after each fill up. This is the problem in 70% of the OBD II faults!

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