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Shift Lever U Joint Fix HJB 2006

Half of the slop felt in the shifter lever comes from the transmission u-joint. This piece is fairly easy to remove and replace.

You must drill out the rivets ( warning - they do not go through, don't attempt to knock them out! )
dissamble, clean, then drill and tap the holes to accept allen heads:

OEM parts; notice the thin rubber locator and undersized bushings, makes for lots of slop:

Exploded view of OEM parts, notice the rough cast marks and flimsy plastic pieces:

Exploded view which includes modified parts:

The metal sleeves, nylon bushings and grommets are all from ACE hardware; re-use rubber locators:

Fitted into the housing; nice and snug with smooooooth action
( for the hardcore out there, can use solid nylon bushings instead of grommets ):

Reassembled with stainless allen head fasteners:

Side by side next to the crappy Passat u-joint:

Another view... lengths, etc., are the same:

Along with my UUC, this makes for short, ultra-precise throws. Snick, snick...

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