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Windshield Wiper Blackout Trim Upgrade Paul Zak 2000

After replacing a cracked windshield on my '98 A4, I noticed that the bright metallic windshield wiper shafts were visable through large holes in the plastic plenum cover between the hood and the windshield. Anal, I know. '99 models have a rubber grommet which hides this brightwork and gives a more finished appearance and can be fitted to the '98s.

The part number for the grommets is 3BO 955 229 and you will need two.

Replacement is as follows: 1) Carefully remove the plastic caps over the wiper pivots with a screwdriver, look for the detent and pry there.

2) Remove the locknuts holding down the wiper arms.

3) Gently rock each wiper arm till it comes free. A shot of penatrating oil may help.

4) Remove the 2 clips at the bottom of the plastic plenum tray. They just pull off.

5) Remove the small hex screw on the right side of the plenum which is right where the pollen filter is housed.

6) Carefully, so as not to mangle the phillips head slots, turn the cover lock nuts 90 degrees. (If I remember correctly, to the left.)

7) Remove the plastic plenum cover which comes off in two parts.

8) Install the rubber grommets and put it all back together in the reverse order.

9) Be careful not to overtighten anything. It's easy to do and expensive to fix.

Take a look at a '98 and a '99 and you can decide if it's worth the work.