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Why is Pearl Paint "Special"? Greg Heidt 1997

The paint is GREAT!!!! It is very forgiving when the car is dirty. Dirt just doesn't show as much on the Pearlescent paint. When other cars look filthy, my car looks just a little dirty.

Water marks: Well it hides those too. You have to look very close in order to see them, or if you catch them at just the right angle you can see them.

Stone Chips: It's not too bad. On darker cars when a stone chips the paint you can see the kinda-white primer underneath. On the pearlescent, the white primer is not as pronounced.

The neatest thing about pearlescent paint: I get tons of comments on the color of the paint. And, it seems to change colors depending on the light that you are looking at it in. On guy thought it was gold, another thought it was white, another thought it was silver, while another couldn't figure out what color it was.

Anyway I would not have any other paint. The pearl paint is thicker then other paints and it waxes up like not other paint I have waxed. I guess if you can afford the extra $500 and some dollars, I would suggest getting it.

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