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Installing Splash Guards Jay 1997

Splash Guard Pic #1 Splash Guard Pic #2

Parts Needed for '96 - '97.5 A4:
Part # 8D0 075 111A (front)
Part # ZAW 166 308 (rear)

Parts Needed for '97.5 - present A4:
Part # ZAW 166 307 (front)
Part # ZAW 166 308 (rear)

Depending on the year of your car you may want to check with the dealer to make certain that you are buying the right set of splash guards. The '96 and early '97's do not have that little strip of black molding mounted just above the rocker panel bulge.

Front Install
Necessary tools: Phillips driver and #20 torx driver.
Easy install. Just turn the sheel full lock and remove the existing torx (phillips on others?) screws. Two clips attach the top section close to the fenderwell. No drilling. You really should clean the area before installing.

Rear Install
Necessary tools: Phillips driver, 3/32 & 5/16 drills
You'll need to remove the wheels to install the rear set. Use the "mudflap" to locate where the holes fall onto the plastic wheelwell liner. Drill 3/32" into most outboard set. The other two get the 5/16 holes. The large holes get metal clips for the screw to retain it. The other two are screwed into the plastic, and the fit is with the thread of the screw.

I paid $26 U.S. for each from the dealer. Also, I guess if you really didn't want to install them, just have your service tech install them next time you have the oil changed. I couldn't see it taking more than 10 minutes to install the whole set. The hardest part is jacking the car and removed the wheels. Good luck... but read the instructions before the installation.

Submitted by Neal Weinmann in 2000:

I recently purchased a full set of splash guards from Clair for my VERY early ( SN 000720 ) 96A4Q .

I couldn't remember where I had seen the mention of the caveats when puchasing and installing guards, and then of course I found them in the AudiWorld Tech Articles after I ordered and received the incorrect front ones ( the aftermarket Autobahns ).

In the course of getting the order corrected with Clair, I e-mailed them a picture of the incorrect fit, as well as the text from the Splash Guard article on AudiWorld. The Clair rep researched the changes a bit more and came up with the following:

He agreed on the Audi part number for the early model front guards that is listed in the article.

He noted that the change from the rocker panel on early cars requiring the Audi part front splash guard to the rocker panel on which the Autobahn aftermarket front splash guard fits appears to be at the 96.5 model, not the 97.5 model as outlined in the article.

He also noted that since the 00 and 01 models have yet another rocker panel profile and require another different configuration, the article might be updated to caution owners that the 99 ( 99.5 ? ) models are the last models on which the listed Autobahn kit numbers will fit.

Hope this information helps. My thinking is that as the used Audi market grows, new owners of older models ( such as myself ) will be adding bits to their " new to them " cars, and that information such as this may save them some "mail order frustration ".

By the way, Clair Parts Express went out of their way to get this right.  As a new owner, I appreciated the effort, and will confidently use them again.

[Editor's Note: See this article before installing splash guards.

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