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Sport Mirrors Installation Jonathon Linkov 1998

Note: These are NOT directions that are approved by either Audi or the manufacturer of the mirrors (Hagus). In addition, this was done by trial-and-error and without the benefit of an A4 shop manual. This was done by 2 non-professionals for my personal benefit and enjoyment and these instructions are meant neither as a form of encouragement for people to replace their mirrors nor as the only way to install the mirrors. These instructions are only to be used as a guide or an example.

(This is a two person job, I feel, unless you are experienced in this) I attacked this from the passenger side first, since, in the event something broke, I could still drive the car. There is no need to remove the door panel in this situation, but it could help. However, not knowing how to remove the door panel, this is how I attacked the job.

Lower the window completely, open the door fully, remove one phillips head screw in the end of the door panel to allow you to pull it back slightly, and pull off the black plastic shroud from the inside of the car that covers the mirror mounting point. You will see that there is a large torx bolt holding the mirror in, as well as sound insulation between the door and the door panel. Remove this bolt and set it aside. The mirror is still held in by the weather stripping, so don't worry about it falling. Now, gently pull the mirror away from the upper weather stripping by tilting the mirror down, towards the body of the door. This will pull it away from the weather stripping. As it pulls away, you can then lift it up and out of the lower stripping at the bottom in a sliding motion towards the rear of the door.

NOTE: The mirror has foam insulation that fits between the mirror and the frame of the window, with the wire running through it. Note how this sits so that you can replace it the same way when installing the new mirrors.

Next, you will see that the cable for the remote control runs through a little hole in the frame and connects to a control in the car. This is a black plastic cap, about 1.5 inches tall by 1 inch wide. You may need to tear away at some of the insulation to gain access to this connector. While one person holds the mirror from outside the door, the inside person should use a skinny, long flathead screwdriver to open the connector. In the narrow sides of the connector are two snap-prongs holding the pieces together. Use the screwdriver to separate these connectors. When separate, you will then pull the mirror one out through the rectangular hole in the frame of the door, working it past the weather stripping and out. Make sure to note how the OEM mirror connectors fit into the connector in the car. There are three copper (male) prongs inside the connector on the mirror that will fit into three (female) openings on the connector in the car door. The connector in the door will not fall down out of reach, though the person holding the mirror can hold it with a finger.

Now, you have the mirror removed. Take the passenger side sport mirror (make sure you don't put the driver one on the wrong side!) and work the connector through the rectangular opening. The person holding the mirror can use their finger to prop up the connector from the car door while the person inside the car can line the two pieces up and connect them. Test the mirror when the pieces are locked in place. If it works, replace the foam from inside the door.

At this point, one person should look at the driver side mirror to see how the weather stripping sits. You will place the remaining triangular foam piece in the door and insert the lower lip of the mirror into the door, behind the weather stripping. The mirror will need to be worked in, and it may take 2-3 attempts. Slid it as far forward, so the front corner of the mirror fits the front corner of the door frame, where the horizontal and angled weather stripping meet.

Now, you will need to use the metal spackling spatula as wide as possible. It *will* scratch the paint of the mirror, but only the part hidden by the weather stripping. Hold the mirror so that it is almost vertical. Insert the spatula edge under the stripping so that it is also resting on top of the mirror. You will pry back the stripping and slide the mirror underneath the stripping, along the flat side of the spatula. As you push the mirror against the door, slightly pull the spatula out, drawing the weather stripping with it. The stripping is tough and solid, but slightly malleable; it will take a little rocking and perhaps 2-3 attempts, but it will slide in under the stripping, flush.

Now, re-insert the torx screw and bolt the mirror down. Replace the plastic shroud/cap and you are finished.