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How to Adjust Xenon Lights ('00+) Jason Harris 2000

I picked up my 2000 1.8TQMS with xenons on Friday, and noticed what others have posted here and on the S4 board - that the xenons are aimed too low for spirited driving by themselves.

I decided that there must be an easy way to adjust them. I figured that even though they self level there must be some king of "neutral" point that they would go up or down from. Well I'm happy to say that it turned out to be very easy to do, and I'm now very happy to drive the back roads on the xenon lows alone.

I did this after dusk with the car parked on level ground about 20 feet from a flat wall. At the back of the light assembly there are two white plastic pieces, both are tube shaped and about the diameter of a straw. One comes horizontally out from the light and the other vertically intersects it, You'll see that on the top of the vertical piece is a fitting for a 6mm hex wrench, or a phillips screwdriver. If you inspect the pieces closer you'll see that turning the top one moves a tiny gear in the lower one, adjusting the progector housing up or down. Turn counter-clockwise to adjust the beam up and clockwise to adjust down. After the first try i sat back in the car, and the auto leveling adjusted the beams higher, too high in my opinion so I dialed them back a bit.

I then did two real world tests. I went to a dark road and felt like the beams were high enough to see adequetly down the road but still intense in the foreground. I then hit a moretrafficed area to see if people would flash me, which no one did, so I'm very satisfied now.

Note: the passenger side light is harder to adjust because the airbox cover gets in the way, I just used a phillips on this side. Also I discovered while standing in front of and blocking one sidethat the stair-step pattern is built into the projector lens itself, and can't be adjusted. With the lights higher though, it's no longer annoying. Hope this is helpful.

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