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Bra (Nose Mask) Dale Kirstein 1998

Audi Bra 1 Audi Bra 2

I purchased the Colgan Custom bra for my A4 at a cost of around $100 and it fits great. There are cut-outs for the washers. The top piece covers the entire nose, there is mesh over the grill, and whole thing extends about one foot up the hood. The bottom piece covers the entire bumper and about one foot of the fenders. It's gone from Denver to Chicago to Vegas and back without any problems. Be warned that car bras have to be kept clean and dry to prevent paint damage. Also, it does cover that great looking nose on the A4!

I bought my Colgan bra from a local Denver auto parts dealer called Import Parts Warehouse, 501 Kalamath Street, Denver CO 80204. Their number is 800-825-2000. These are good people, but you should also be able to find it locally at most import auto parts stores.

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