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Washer Nozzle Adjustment Don Pavlik 2000

Do your windshield washer nozzles need adjustment?  Too much trouble to take it to the dealer to have them adjusted?  Fear not, with a super-secret hi-tech tool and a few minutes of your time you can point them "washin' jets" (almost) anywhere you want.  No protractor or plumb bob required.  Note: the factory service manual warns not to use needles or similar devices to adjust the nozzles.  Proceed at your own risk.

  • Depending on the year model of your car the washer nozzles are either on the hood or under the hood--their location should be painfully obvious.
  • Nozzles at the base of the windshield on my S4.
  • If all else fails watch where the water comes from!

  • Washer nozzle "bank" (for lack of better words)
  • The nozzles are easily adjusted.  Each "nozzle bank" has a pair of little brass balls (oh please, will you quit snickering) that swivel in the housing.
  • The connector on the side is the power for the heated nozzles.

  • The super-secret, hi-tech adjustment tool (SSHTAT)
  • With your SSHTAT you can gently move the ball around in the socket to aim the jet of fluid to the desired location on the windshield.
  • Remember when doing the adjustment(s) that the car will usually be moving. I always adjust the aim just a little high so that when I'm driving the fluid will hit the windshield in the correct location.  Obviously, you cannot account for all speeds but with some common sense you can find a good compromise.  
  • Adjust the location as you see fit. I don't want anyone coming back and saying I told them to spray fluid at "x" location which obscured their vision and made them have an accident. : -)
  • Blades up and out of the way
  • I swing the wiper arms up so the wiper blades are not touching the glass.  They stay in the locked up position without any problem (as long as you don't bump them).  
  • The wipers will just wiggle around when you pull the lever instead of wiping the glass clear.  It makes it easier to see where the jet is hitting the glass. If you have a fear of them snapping back and possibly damaging the windshield leave them down.  You've been warned. 
  • Turn on the ignition and give the wiper stalk a tug.  Note where the fluid hits the glass and commence to adjustin'.  
  • Insert your SSHTAT into the brass balls (hey, I told you once already...) and swivel them in their socket.  Initially, they may be tight but will give way to slight pressure. 
  •  Adjust as needed.  Remember, the wind will cause the jet to hit lower on the windshield--adjust accordingly.
  • See?  Simple.


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