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Removing the Front Badge Zach 2000

I got tired of waiting and so figured out how to do it this weekend without hurting the grill (at least on the outside, there are some slight scratches inside the grill). 

The badge is fastened with two clips that are sort of like the normal U clip, except that they have barbs on both sides to keep them in place (really not meant to be removed). Luckily, however, each side of the clip also has a little tab sticking up which aids in removing it.  

The way that I did was from behind the grill, I jammed a small hex key under the bottom part of the clip to keep the barb out of the little slot it goes into. Then I used a can opener (had to be a small tool with a hook on the end) to grab and pry the tab on the top part of the clip. The clip tends to come flying off when you do this, so I recommend covering the engine (and eye protection is a good idea too). Once the two clips are off the badge just comes off the front of the grill. Hope that's enough description.

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