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Replacing Fog Light Lightbulbs CF 2000

Have your lights turned off for at least half an hour because you don't want to burn your hands. You will need:

  • flat head screwdriver
  • philips head screwdriver
  • vacuum close by
  • something soft to lay on the ground
  • a cloth

    Do one at a time. For the right hand driver's side foglight the grill will be beside it to the left. You will see two tabs -- place the flathead in the top one first and press down, then into the lower tab. Press the tab up. Now gently pull the grill out.

    Now you will see the plastic surrounding the front of the foglight. There are three tabs holding this. Gently pull this cover off, one tab at a time, being careful not to break it. It came out easy for me.

    Now use your philips head to take all three screws out. Easy does it, and do not lose them.

    Now push the light back slightly to make it clear the metal beam and pull it out. Disconnect the fog from the wire with the quick disconnect. Next twist the housing cover. It will easily come off. Disconnect the connector. Pop the wire support and take the bulb out.

    Carefully place the new one in while making sure not to touch the surface of the bulb.

    Procede to reassemble the unit. Remember to connect everything as it WAS originally. The plastic housing will only go on one way.

    Before you put the fog back into the bumper take a look inside where it is. There you will see the intercooler and loads of dust and dirt. Get the vacuum and clean out that area making sure not to scratch the bumper.

    Now that that is done just give the lens a quick wipe. Then put it in place and be careful when tighting the scvrews -- these must go in easy. Put the triangle cover back in, make sure it is secure and ensure all the tabs are in their slots.

    And finally place the cover on.

    Now have a drink, replace your mat, and go ahead and do the next fog light. It's easy.

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