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DIY Smoked Tail Lights Niall 2001

Ok here's how to do DIY smoked tail lights.

I used a spray on Lacquer from Folia Tec the guys that make the caliper lacquer. It also comes in green, blue, orange and red.

First of all you need to remove your tail lights and wash them thoroughly in warm soapy water. You can either remove the plastic trim under the lights or mask it off (I masked mine).

This next bit is optional but I think it is worth the extra time an effort. Using very fine wet and dry paper gently rub off all the raised lettering. This stops the lacquer building up into small puddles around the letters.  If you do rub off the letters you will need to wash the lights again.

Next you can spray the lights do both at the same time so you give them the same number of layers of lacquer. 2-3 layers will give a smoked finish around 4-5 for a black finish.

Allow the lacquer to dry then give the light a coat of clear lacquer which is available from most auto parts suppliers.

You can spray your Corner markers in the same way and your side repeaters as well.

Any questions feel free to ask.

One last thing some places the law requires you to fit a red reflector if you paint your tail lights you'd best check.

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