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BOSCH Euro Headlight Installation (for pre '99.5) Todd Becker 1999

Necessary Supplies

  • Flashlight
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Hex Screw Driver
  • Multi-meter (city light only)
  • Drill w/ 3/8" Bit (city light only)
  • Wire Cutter/Stripper (city light only)
  • 2 - 5W Clear Corner Bulbs (city light only)
  • 1(2) - dual tipped Audi Connecting wire (city light only)
  • 2 - Splice Connectors (city light only)
  • Electrical Tape (city light only)

    Removal of Corner Lamp

    1. Using a screwdriver, unlock the clip holding the corner light in place. This can be done using the screwdriver, the plastic, hinged clip can be removed by inserting the screwdriver through the access hole inside the hood lip, located just behind the corner lamp.
    2. After the hinged locking tab is opened, the plastic retaining tab can be depressed using the screwdriver.
    3. While holding this tab down, gently slide the corner lamp forward. The lamp should be fairly easy to remove, if there is a lot of resistance, the locking tab is not fully depressed. The lamp will now be hanging from the connected wires.
    4. If the corner lamp is being replaced, remove the lamp from the connecting wires by gently turning the harness inside the lamp.

    Removal of Stock Headlight and Bulbs

    (NOTE: Removal of the passenger side headlamp unit can be made easier by removing the air duct from the grill and engine.)

    1. Using the Hex screw driver, remove the three bolts that secure the headlight to the car.
    2. Gently slide the headlight unit forward from the nose of the car until enough rooms exists behind the light so the harness can be removed.
    3. Remove the headlight harness by pressing the metal ring at the base of the harness and then sliding the harness straight back from the light.
    4. Remove the light and place it on a protected surface (i.e. a towel).
    5. Open each of the wire clips that secure the light bulbs within the unit.
    6. Carefully remove each bulb and place it in the corresponding position in the new unit. Take care not to touch the lenses of the bulbs with your fingers.
    7. (City Light Only) Insert the clear 5W bulb into the remaining lamp opening.
    8. Lock the bulbs in the new units with the retaining wire clips.

    Wire the City Lights (city light only)

    (NOTE: This implementation will run the parking lights and city lights together)

    1. Cut the casing around the wires leading to the corner lamp. Make the cut far enough up the casing (away from the connector) so that the new wire will have easy access, around the body pieces, to the main headlight harness.
    2. Turn on the parking lights, then, using the multimeter, find the hot wire that is powering the corner lamp. The brown wire can be ignored, it is the ground.
    3. [Insert favorite splicing method here] Using the plastic wire splice, connect the new wire to the hot wire for the parking lamp. Test the parking lights to make sure they still work.
    4. Slide the black rubber boot up from the main headlight harness.
    5. Drill a new hole in the black rubber boot for the new wire. Line this hole up over the empty hole in the harness.
    6. Insert the new wire through the new hole in the rubber boot.
    7. Release the clip securing the wires in the harness. This is done by pressing the purple clips in the harness towards each other, you will be now be able to slide the purple portion of the harness down. This releases the wires in the harness.
    8. Insert the new wire into the vacant location in the harness.
    9. Lock the purple portion of the harness back into place.
    10. Reset the black rubber boot on the headlight harness.

    Remount the Headlight Unit and Corner Lamp

    1. Connect the headlight harness to the new headlamp unit. Test the new unit to make sure all of the lights function correctly.
    2. Insert the headlamp back into the opening.
    3. Replace the three hex bolts, the headlamp unit can be slightly adjusted before tightening the bolts for proper spacing.
    4. Reconnect the light fixture in the corner lamp. In my installation, the connecting harness, for the Euro corner lamp, needed to be attached to the bulb and wires. The stock connecting harness snaps off of the bulb and wires very easily.
    5. Replace the corner lamp by sliding it back into the frame until the retaining tab locks. Make sure to align the corner lamp guides with the headlamp guides while replacing the corner lamp.
    6. Using a screwdriver, lock the hinged retaining clip under the retaining tab on the corner lamp.
    7. Aim the headlights following the instructions located at the Stern Lighting web site.

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