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Painting Brake Calipers Bluebird 2003

Items needed:

-Folia Tec Caliper Paint System
-Includes: Caliper paint, hardener, brake cleaner
-Steel headed brush
-Masking Tape
-Two Paint brushes for each caliper
-Use smaller heads for better detail
-Bowl to mix paint and hardener in (make sure they can withstand lacquer, as the lacquer can dissolve through some bowls)
-Jack and Jack stands
-Lug Wrench
-Torque Wrench

Time: Approximately 3 to 3.5 hours per caliper (needs 2 hours to cure before putting wheel on. 

Note: Do not drive car for 24 hours as the caliper paint needs to cure. The longer you wait the better!!!!!


Folia Tec Caliper Paint System

Brake Caliper Cleaner and steel headed brush

Set your car on level ground. Put the e-brake on and leave the car in gear (on manual cars). Read all warnings and instructions for using jack and jack stands. Loosen the lug nuts on the brake you are working on (just loosen them, don't remove them). Jack the car up using the appropriate jacking point as stated in your owners manual. Proceed to remove the lug nuts in the appropriate order. Take wheel of hub and put aside (*Now is a good time to clean the inside of your wheel since it is off the car, you will have 2 hours to do so while the paint is curing)

Put wheel blocks on the opposite side to make sure car doesn't roll back in case of an emergency

Tape off any area of the caliper that you do not want paint to get on (brake pad, lines, pins, etc...)

Using the supplied brake cleaner, spray the caliper and use the steel brush to scrub off as much dirt, brake dust, rust, etc... that you can...(The cleaner the surface, the better the results)

According to the directions: After cleaning the caliper, spray the cleaner on the caliper and let it sit for 5 minutes before applying the paint

Mix approximately 1/4 of the paint with 1/4 of the hardener in a bowl that will withstand the lacquer. Mix together. Let sit for 5 minutes to activate

Apply the first coat. It does not have to be perfect, just make sure you cover all the areas you want to paint. After the coat you must wait 15 minutes before applying the next coat, and so on. As you will see, each proceeding coat will get brighter and thicker. Don't worry about the first coat not looking so good (as pictured). You should be able to do 3 coats per caliper with one box of the folia tec caliper paint system

Take your time with coat 2 and 3. (note: you only need 2 coats, I prefer 3). These are your important coats so do them properly and with full detail

Here is the caliper after 3 coats. I added an ///M to the caliper for appearance (and since its an ///M3). Now you must let the caliper sit for 2 hours before re-installing your wheel.....Your almost there!!!!!

When re-installing your wheel, you may want a second pair of hands to hold the wheel on the hub. Put the lugs back on in the appropriate order, and tighten them by hand. Gently lower the car off of the jack, and tighten the lugs again by hand. Then it is recommended to torque the lugs to the appropriate factory specs.

Here is the caliper after the wheel has been installed. Finished product!!!!! The car sat in the garage for 24 hours before being driven. Look at how much of a difference that simple mod made. The car looks even more bad-ass now!!!! Good Job.. Follow the same steps for each remaining caliper, and then let sit for 24 hours (preferably in a garage)

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