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Euro A6 Trunk License Plate Surround 5speed6 2005

Goal: To match the trim design of the Smoked tails plus add a touch of "Euro" to the car to be different.

Scope of work: remove factory trim piece, modify Euro surround to accomodate the second bulb housing for fog, re-install, modify license plate.

Step by step refresher course:

Remove triangle, 2 philips screws holding plastic triangle holder, plus 2 screws inside plastic cup where you close trunk.

Remove cover for emergency trunk relese, pops off with small flathead screwdriver.

Remove T25 Torx screw.

Remove two more Philips screws in upper corner of liner, plus 3 T25 screws holding the trim in, and carefully drop liner out.

Back of factory US surround with Dual Fog light housings. The Euro only comes with one.

I then modified the inside of the Euro housing to accept the factory bulb holder with a dremel.(very simple and quick).

Comparison of the US surround (ABOVE) and the Euro surround (Below).

Install new surround, connect harnesses, test lights, and reverse procedure.

Euro trim installed. The license plate had to be trimmed with tinsnips 1/4" top and bottom in order to fit in the space for the Euro plate.


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