Tech Article Title Author Date
Trunk Hinge Wiring Repair Clone510 2005

To fix the wires that run into your trunk along the drivers side trunk hinge (vacuum hoses run along the passengers side) you will need to:
1. Disconnect the battery.
2. Remove the plastic retaining strip that holds the wire loom down by getting a small screw driver and pushing out the push pin. Then the entire clip should just slide off.

3. Cut open the rubber sleeve at the kink to expose the broken wires.
There are 8 wires that run through there, and you will need to expose about a 10" section of the wire, and cut out that 10" section.
4. Solder in a 1' piece of 8-conductor twisted pair phone wire making sure to stagger the soldering points so that you do not have one spot where all the soldering points are (i.e. solder one wire 1/4" lower than the soldering point on the wire next to it) this will ensure that there isn't one thick spot where all the solder points are so that you can put the retaining strip back on.
5. Wrap some shrink tubing around each solder point and make sure there is no metal left exposed.
6. Reconnect the battery and make sure everything works before the final wrap up.
7. Wrap electrical tape around either end of the phone cord (or the entire thing if you want it to be all black) then reattach the retaining strip and you are done!