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RS4 Front Filler Panel Installation sparkhill 2006
Materials: Audi Front Filler Panel, T-20 Torx head driver, needle nose pliers (helpful, not required), beer.

Cost: Approximately $90-$130.

Degree of Difficulty: (0.5 out of 5 beers)

Time: 5 - 15 minutes. More if you have never used a screw driver in your entire life.

Audi Part Numbers (partial list): B7 A4 (regular A4 has “D” in the part number and do not fit the S4/RS4)

8E0 807 287 D 3FZ (satin black, black strips) B7 S4 (S4/A4 S-line has “C” in the part number and are interchangeable with the RS4)
8E0 807 287 C 3FZ (satin black, black strips) – part of titanium package
8E0 807 287 C 1QP (gray, chrome strips) – standard S4
8E0 807 287 C Z9Y* (phantom black, chrome strips) – 25th Quattro S4 B7 RS4 (RS4 has “E” in the part number and are interchangeable with the S4/A4 S-line)
8E0 807 287 E 3FZ (satin black, brushed aluminum strips) part number and fitment for the 25th Quattro S4 filler could not be verified Procedure:

1) Unpack your panel from the gigantic shipping box.

2) Confirm you have the correct part. The filler panel that fits the S4/RS4 requires four screws and the A4 filler panel requires six screws. I chose the satin black filler panel with the satin black strips.

3) Take one last look at that hideous front plate holder.

4) Unscrew the four T-20 Torx head screws indicted by the red arrows.

5) Remove the panel by slightly lifting the bottom and then pulling straight away from car.

7) Move the clip from the plate holder location to the filler panel location. Needle nose pliers are helpful in pulling out the clip.

Before and After.

8) Put the filler panel on the car and insert the four Torx head screws. Be careful not to damage your grill with the Torx driver. Make sure the screws “grip” into the clips on the car.

9) The Finished product.

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