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Painted Bumper Reflectors Mod (No Bumper Removal Required)... Eddie Man 2006

Well this is the project I was not able to do when I pulled my bumper last installing my Snub & other goodies.
That truly is the way to go...
But now, knowing what effort is involved to pull the bumper, I've opted to do the following:

1. From the Audi Parts Counter.
Front Left & Right Bumper Reflectors (backing plate came w/reflectors)

Reflectors w/o Backing Plate

2. Tape back portion & get ready for paint (amber reflector only)
Sorry No Pic.

3. Time to Paint.
Audi OEM Dolphin Grey & Clear Coat

4. Primed, 3 Coats Dolphin Grey & 3 Coats of Clear Coat

Ready for Installation :)

5. Before Pic

6. Drill 1/8" Pilot hole at overall center of reflector

7. Drill 5/8" hole w/spade bit

8. Remove reflector w/small needle nose pliers

Here is a reference pic for what to look for.

Tip: Also use some wire cutters to cut reflector in half while lifting reflector out.

9. Remove amber reflector

10. Just snap in and DONE :)

Hope this "How To" helps out some of my B7 comrades...
Enjoy :)

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