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RS6 Front Bumper Grille on Narrow Body 5Speed6 2007

Tools needed for this project:

-Flat blade screwdriver
-Cutoff wheel
-Rotary file bit
- 1/8" drill bit
-1/4" x ¾" sheet metal screw
-Mini-hacksaw (or large cutting plier)
-Hand file
-1000 grit sandpaper
-Hot Glue gun
-Hot glue stick
-Electrical tape
-Small can Bondo
-Flat black spray paint
-Metal back strap or flat bracket.
-Rivet gun
- 1/8" rivet

First, source an original RS6 grill (dealer, Ebay, A/W etc.):

Next, remove the original grill from the car.

Link to Tech Article on how to do this here

Then, separate the chrome trim from the plastic. This is done from the back of the grill. It is held on by plastic tabs. Do the same with the RS6 grill.

Line up the original grill trim over the RS6 grill:

Once you do this, you will immediately see that the RS6 grill is narrower and taller than the factory grill. The RS6 trim piece will not be used anymore.

What you need to do, is then shave off between ¼ inch and ½ inch of the plastic across the top of the RS6 grill with the dremel. Words of advice, it's better to shave off a little at a time, than too much all at once. It takes a bit longer, but it is much safer.

Clip off all the plastic clips except the center & end ones on the bottom with the cutter or mini-hacksaw.

Then, lay the grill into the trim.

At this point you willhot-glue" the grill to the trim piece :

Here are the materials I used for the next part:

Prepare for the Bondo work. Tape off the back of the open space on the sides. Tape off the front of the grill on the sides to protect the trim.

Lay in the Bondo like this:

Wait for it to dry, and sand it smooth.

Prepare for painting the Bondo area.

Tape off all the areas that might get overspray, except for the area with the Bondo, and spray a few light coats:

After it dries, your grill will now look like this:

Next, you will need to attach a bracket used for securing the grill. I used a piece of metal backstrap ( that's used for securing an aftermarket radio..can be purchased at Radio Shack. Or a metal bracket from Home Depot/Lowes can be used)

Drill a 1/8" hole into the plastic, and rivet the bracket to the grill:

Test fit the grill in place, it will be a tight fit. It will now be held with the three plastic clips, and loose on the other side. Mark off on the underside of the lower bumper where the bracket meets in order to drill a hole. Remove the grill, and drill a hole.

Here is the underside of the bumper, looking up, with the hole drilled:

Install the grill and secure it with the screw.

The finished product: