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RS6 Front Grille on Narrow Body Hood 5Speed6 2007
Let me start by saying that the allure of the S6 grill never bit me to the point where I had to try and do it. I did want to have a different grill but didn't like the aftermarket ones. I happened to run across a new RS6 grill for sale, and figured I would give it a shot. This was a learning lesson, and was definitely a challenge. Here are the details of the installation:

View of the nose with the factory grill:

Comparison of the factory grill and the RS6

View of the 2.7T hood with the grill removed

Comparison shot of 4.2 hood (photo courtesy of BostonDriver) Notice the lower portion there is no metal where the grill mounts

The RS6 grill has a reinforcement bar at the bottom of the grill that fills in the open space on the V8 body. My choice at this point was either cut the hood to fit the grill, or modify the grill. I didn't see a problem with cutting the hood, but once it would be done, it could not be returned to stock. With my friends assisting, we proceeded to modify the RS6 grill.

This is the re-bar from the RS6 grill after we finally got it removed. This was the 'learning side' to see how it was attached to the grill.

At this point we were able to just cut openings to get to the rivets that were used to attach the rebar to the grill. The rivets were then drilled out.

This is the factory grill. Notice that it uses plastic clips in order to secure it to the hood

The dremel was our best friend for this project :), and did we ever go through cut-off wheels.

Here is the RS6 grill after all the prep work was completed. The rivets were drilled out, and all the plastic surrounding where the rivets were have been grinded down with the dremel.

Here is my friend Phil hamming it up for the camera by grabbing the largest hammer he could put his hands on. At this point we were prepping the hood area for the mounting of the grill.

After a test fit of the grill, it was discovered that the Silver metal area of the hood showed through the grill, and did not look right.

At this point I taped off the hood and painted the exposed areas.

Again, a pic of the 'before' for comparison.

Here it is installed, mission completed :)

Thanks go out to my buddies Phil & Eric for their assistance!