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Plasti Dip Grille Trim 4Ring Jelly 2007

Parts Need:
-Your Car's Grill
-Low Grit Sandpaper
-1 Can of Spray Primer (I used Krylon Fusion)
-1 Can of Plasti-Dip
-A Flathead Screwdriver

Step 1: Take the grill off of your car by opening the hood, and pushing the tabs on the inside of the top of the grill out. I have high lighted the ones needed to push in. It will take a bit of force, so don't be too afraid to push. Once these are unclipped, lift up the grill so that the lower tabs will lift off of the hood, and pull on the metal hood latch on the inside of the hood to get the plastic hood latch out of the grill.

Step 2: Remove the Chrome Trim from the grill. Use a screwdriver to help you push the locks off of the trim on the inside of the grill. This will take a while, and is pretty frustrating, but don't give up. Although the tabs are pretty sturdy, I was tried to be fairly cautious with them because the last thing I wanted was to have the tabs break on me.

Step 3: Take your sandpaper and attack the grill. It is very time consuming, so I took a seat on the couch in front of the TV, turned on the TV, put a small trash can in front of me, put the grill in the trash can, and start sanding. I tried to get it to a fairly brushed look.

Step 4: Primer. Shake can, spray(in a well ventilated area) I put the grill on the back of an old canvas with a painting that didn't work out, and took it outside. I did 2 light coats, waiting a while(until it was dry) before spraying the next coat.

Step 5: Finally we get to use the Plasti-Dip. I put on 4 fairly light coats in total, getting progressively thicker with each layer but never soaking the trim in paint. I waited for it to be dry, or pretty much dry, in between coats. Light coats will prevent you from getting drips, or being too trigger happy with the can. I used a “fat-cap” that I had from my spray painting days, and this helped me get a wider spray. However, whether or not it was the fault of the cap or not, the Plasti-Dip was one of the worst paints I have ever used for splatters. So seriously watch out for them, and wipe it away with your finger if you get one (another advantage of light coats).

Step 6: I was going to wait overnight after my last coat before putting the chrome (now black) trim into the grill, but I got to anxious and put the trim into the grill after the recommended and the grill back into the hood the next morning. To put the trim back onto the grill, I recommend sliding the side tabs in first, and then working on the top/bottom, clipping the tabs in working from the sides. To put the grill back into the hood, open the hood, lift the hood latch from the metal hook on the inside to put it in the hole in the grill. Place the bottom of the grill into the back of the hole(you will see the tabs will fit right over the inside lip of the hood. And finally, work your way around the sides/top pushing the tabs in with your palm.

Step 7: Step back and enjoy your fancy new black grill.

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