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Unclog Avant Sunroof Drains Roque S4 2008
So the dealer's solution to water accumulating in the rear jack and CD changer areas in my car was to pull the plastic body plugs. Well the water drains out, but it also still comes in. I told them to clean the sunroof drains. "Yeah, we blew some compressed air in them." Okay.

Next rain comes and sure enough it smelled like mildew again. So I bought some HELP! speedo cable (per Bentley) and cleaned the front drains out. Not much there actually.

Then followed the tech article (linky) to clean the rear drains, except I did a lot more work than was necessary. You need to remove the rear bumper to get to the rear sedan drains located in this picture where the round plug is:

Well it's clearly not there on the avant. After STFA, somebody noted it was behind the rear wheel liner at the top. So I removed the liners (I hate doing this for some reason) and you can barely see them. See below.

For some reason, this drain is different than the fronts. These have a nipple that makes it difficult for the water to drain. I squeezed the nipple a few times and water started to pour out. So I took some dikes and snipped the nipple off so that water can freely run out in the future. Problem solved. BTW, I couldn't get my speedo cable to go all the way up to the sunroof, it stops at the bend at the roof.

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