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B6 Foglight Bulb Replacement YYC_A4 2008

Changing Audi A4 B6 (2002-2005) Fog Lamp Bulbs

Requisite tools:

-Flat screwdriver

-Torx T20 screwdriver

-Work light or flashlight

Approximate time required: 10 Minutes per fog lamp.

The first step is to remove the plastic grille. To do this, locate the four release tabs and using a flat screwdriver, carefully move each tab towards the centre of the grill (move the bottom two up and the top two down).

Gently pull the grill towards you as you disengage each clip.

Once the grill is removed, locate the two Torx T20 bolts securing the fog lamp assembly (green). Be sure not to turn the aiming set screw (Red). Remove the two bolts and slide the assembly outboard, as there is a retaining pin on the inboard side of the lamp assembly, opposite the pair of bolts.

After removing the lamp assembly, disconnect the electrical connector from the bulb by loosening the tabs on either side (A) using a small flat screwdriver and pull the connector away from the bulb (B). Use caution when performing this step as the tabs on the electrical connector are often brittle and will break-off if forced.

Here the bulb is shown removed - to remove it from the lamp assembly, twist it counterclockwise.

Reverse these steps to complete the job.

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