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How to Debadge Your Car Jasyn Chen 1999

What you'll need:
  1. hair dryer (someone mentioned a heat gun)
  2. fishing line or dental floss (mint flavored, my fav :)
  3. goo gone (or other paint friendly stuff remover)
  4. soft towel (terry cloth or something that won't leave swirls!)
  5. car wash, wax, water
  6. approximately 20-60min depending on how many you want to remove.

The badges are stuck to the car via double sided sponge tape -- a pic of the removed 1.8 badge is shown to the right.

First, heat up the badge with the hair dryer. You're about there once the car metal becomes hot to the touch and the badge can be wiggled around a little. (someone mentioned a heat gun which shouldnt present any problems but in the end just remember to be careful.)

Second, use the dental floss to saw away behind the badge removing as much tape from the car as possible. Don't worry too much about all the residual tape if your out of practice with dental equipment.

Third, apply a healthy dose of goo gone and massage it into the residual tape with your fingers. Let sit for a minute or so and wipe it off with the towel(don't use anything you wouldn't dry your car with). Repeat step if necessary.

Fourth wash the area, wax it and poof. You're done. Simple.

Fifth step back and marvel at the model annonymity of the car in front of you. :)

People have voiced concern about possible paint fade on the surrounding areas; this may or may not leave a "shadow" of the original badge. I removed the badges after 2 months with my volcano black A4 and it looks great! It's garaged nightly and gets the average amount of sun during the day.

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