Tech Article Title Author Date
Dash Panel -- Driver's Side Footwell (Removing) Dan Masi 1996

I needed to get the panel off that hides the underside of the dash from the driver's footwell area. It looked as though there was just a flat plastic panel that I could slide forward; until someone informed me that the plastic panel is not separate, it's actually part of a larger assembly. One removes the entire lower dash on the driver's side, everything directly below the wood trim strip, as one piece. There are two screws (actually, I think they're 8mm hex bolts) to remove at the front. First, pry off the oval trim caps... there's a looooong oval cap on the left, and a short one on the right. This will expose the bolts. [oh oh, brain fade again... I think there are two other screws, one near/above the gas pedal, and one in the fusebox area... look around, again, it'll be obvious]. Once all the bolts are removed, the lower dash slides forward.

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