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How to Remove Front Door Panels Dan Masi 1996

Door Removal #2 Door Removal #1

Remove the two visible screws at the upper corners of the door panel. Remove the screw that's visible inside the oval-shaped hand grip area in the arm rest. This screw holds the oval piece in place that trims the oval cutout in the armrest that forms the hand grip. Remove this trim piece by snapping it out downwards; this will expose the final two screws that need to be removed. The door panel will lift straight up then out at this point. You'll have to disconnect electrical connectors (speakers, power windows, etc). You'll have to disconnect the door latch cable... this hooks into the inside door handle, the cable end has a shepherd's hook (question-mark-shaped hook) that you'll need to unhook. Then, just lift the panel up high enough so that the door lock pin is cleared, and you're free.

The door frame has a number of small cutouts, into which L-shaped hooks in the door panel slide. These cutouts have rubber pieces lining them, to keep rattles down. When you remove the door panel, keep an eye out for rubber pieces that have come out of these cutouts; it's easy to knock them out and then forget to put them back in.