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How to add an Armrest AudiWorld 1996

The armrest comes with an aluminum-cast mounting foot which goes inside the console, and uses existing studs, you supply new nuts (use self-locking ones). To install it, you must remove the center console from the shifter back, and cut a hole in it for the armrest to go through. My car had a die mark (faint) where the hole would be made at the factory if so ordered. After this, the armrest and the foot get bolted together, with the center console with new hole between the two parts. Now re-install center console, and then fasten the foot to the floor with the self-locking nuts. In other words, you fasten the armrest to the console, not to the floor first. This may sound confusing, but once you have the two parts at hand, the logic will be simple.

When ordering original armrests, keep in mind the upholstery codes (color only for 95 and 96, but color and material for 97) and double-check before you order. The parts catalogue will also offer alternative armrests, one for phone mountings inside and one without. If you want to try to use the factory-style cell phone mount, you will also need the phone bracket (a neat four-bar linkage setup) to pop the phone up and forward from the opened armrest. It is all in the parts catalogue. I ordered the one with the phone mounting provisions as well as the bracket/linkage for the phone, but beware, at least my phone and its auto holder were too thick , I could no longer get the top shut.

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