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Sunshade Installation Brad Bloomquist 2000

Difficulty Rating: 6 on a scale of 1-10. Any patient do-it-yourselfer can do this.
Installation time: 2 to 2.5 hours.
Manufacturer: Votex
Part #: Votex # 8D5 064 160A
Parts supplied: Sunshade, 2 bolts, 2 washers, 2 nuts, 2 sunshade clips, 2 self tapping screws.
Tools required: Small Torx screwdriver, small straight screwdriver, small Phillips screwdriver, 13mm wrench (socket preferred), awl or sharp pointer, electric drill, 1/16" drill bit, 3/16" drill bit, tape measure, needle nose pliers.

Step 1. Throw away instructions supplied with sunshade. They are oversimplified and inaccurate for the S4. All operations can be done from the backseat. Sit on the folded seats.

Step 2. Remove rear deck fiber panel cover. There are several clips and bolts that hold the rear deck panel cover to the sheetmetal. The first step is to remove the baby seat attachment points. (3 of them) Pry up on the rear edge of the black plastic covering of the bracket. This will expose the bare metal bracket and 13mm bolt. Remove the bolt. You will notice a steel spacer under the bolt. Leave this in place. Repeat for the other two brackets.

Next you need to lay underneath the deck panel and locate the 2 conical white plastic clips holding the front leading edge (toward passenger compartment) of the panel to the sheetmetal. These clips are attached to the panel and are pressed into the top of the sheetmetal. You must, however, use a set of needle nose pliers to squeeze the underside of the clip so it can be pushed back up through the hole.

While underneath the panel look toward the rear of the panel and locate the black wire plug for the 3rd brake light. Disconnect this plug by pulling the plug downward.

You will now be able to lift up the front leading edge of the panel. Before removing, take note of the 3 black, flat plastic guide clips located near the rear trailing edge of the underside of the panel. These are guides that clip into holes in the sheetmetal to hold down the rear trailing edge of the panel. These must line up again when re-installing. (Best viewed looking up from inside rear trunk.)

With care, raise and pull the panel forward (toward you) to remove. Leave the seatbelts and guides attached. They will pull forward with the panel. Note that the leading edge of the panel at the sides is behind the top portion of the stationary leather (Or Alcantra) seat bolster. You may unclip the top of the bolster by pulling toward the front of the car. Or you may carefully work the panel past the seat bolster by squishing the bolster down and sliding the panel past it. Pull the panel free and place on the floor.

Step 3. Attaching the sunshade to the fiber panel. Take the sunshade in hand and notice that the slit for the shade is not in the center of the tube. (Viewed from the end like a telescope.) The slit angles to the side about 15 degrees off center. You want to position the shade so the slit is angled lower toward the inside of the car. It's angle will roughly match the angle of the back glass.

The sunshade has two plastic "feet" that are to be bolted to the panel. Set the sunshade on top of the panel and position the feet of the sunshade against the rear edges of the plastic speaker grilles toward the rear of the panel. The feet, barely touching the speaker grills, is the optimum fore/aft placement. Center the side to side placement of the sunshade by using a tape measure or eyeballing against the speaker grills. Be accurate, you have only about 3/16" of error factor to enable the sunshade to work properly.

With the sunshade in position take a sharp awl or long pencil and make a mark through the mounting hole in each foot. Remove the sunshade. Drill a 3/16" hole on your mark through the fiber panel. Do this for both sides. Take the bolt provided and insert through the foot and panel from the top. Insert the washer and nut provided and snug into place. Repeat for the other side. Double check the positioning of the sunshade and fully tighten the bolts with a regular screwdriver. Place the panel and attached sunshade out of the way.

Step 4. Attaching the "c" pillar sunshade clips. First familiarize yourself with the location the clips must be mounted. Each clip goes on the "c" pillar cover at the very most top edge in the corner nearest the glass. Also note that there is a right and left clip. One side of the clip is longer and slightly curved to match the edge and curvature of the panel. This side goes up. This long edge runs parallel with the outside edge of the panel against the glass. The little round socket in the clip that holds the sunshade rod has a long side and a short side. The short side points down.

With your fingers, carefully pry off the plastic "airbag" button on the "c' pillar. Remove the small Torx screw inside the hole under the airbag button. With care, grab the "c" pillar cover (plastic covered with cloth) and pull toward the inside of the car. It is attached to the car body with 3 metal clips that clip into the sheetmetal. They are placed vertically in a top, middle and bottom positioning. Only pull enough to unclip the top two clips and gain access to the top of the loosened panel. You do not need to remove this panel. You only need access to the top inside corner of it. Loosen both sides. You need only work with your hands. Do not pry with tools. Note that there is airbag componentry in the "c" pillar and roof area.

With the "c" pillar panel loosened place the clip all the way to the top outside edge of the panel against the window. (You have a lot of latitude with positioning here just be certain the opposite side is done the same way.) Your goal is to screw the supplied self tapping screw from the backside of the "c" pillar panel into the underside of the clip. Firmly press the clip into the panel. A small tag (blip) on the back of the clip will make a pointed indentation mark in the panel material. Now look underneath the clip and notice that there is a screw hole for the self tapping screw 3/16" below the tag. By referencing the distance between the tag and the screw hole you can judge the location of the hole you need to drill. (Again, you have a bit of latitude in the positioning, just do exactly the same thing on the other side.) Drill a 1/16" hole. Insert the supplied self tapping screw from the backside of the panel and use a small Phillips screwdriver (a short one makes it easier to get at the screw in this tight space.) and secure the clip. Repeat the process for the other side.

Step 5. Clean your rear window thoroughly

Step 6. Re-assembly Reverse the disassembly procedures for the panels. Side panels first, then main deck fiber panel. Be sure all clips slide into place.

Enjoy your sunshade! Please note that this installation guide is meant as a work reference only and that I am not accountable for any damages caused by any individual working on their car. Audi dealers will happily install a sunshade for you at current shop rates.

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