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Installing Intermittent Wiper Controls ('97 model) Bob Petruska 1996

If you are like me and don't care much for the factory standard fixed 5 second intermittent wiper time interval on the A4 (other models). The following explains how to install a 'programmable' intermittent relay which will give a intermittent time interval from 5 seconds to over 2 minutes. The time interval is programmed using the wiper stalk switch.

To use it you first place the wiper switch in the intermittent position and turn it to off. The wiper will wipe once. When you need the wiper to wipe again, you place the wiper switch to intermittent and it will remember the time interval and repeat the wipe at this interval. To change the time just turn to off it will wipe and then turn to intermittent position to set the new time interval. 

Note: some relays require the following procedure to set the delay:

- Lever to the intermittent position.
- Briefly move the stalk as if to spray water then move the stalk again after the desired delay


1. Remove fuse side panel on the left end of the dash. Remove the lower screw holding the lower dash on.

2. Remove the 2 plastic strips that are in the lower dash knee bloster facing the drivers seat. One is about 6 inches by .75 inches. The other is 2 inches by .75 inches. Pry these out with a small screwdriver. They come out very easily. There are 2 screws in the round holes that need to be removed.

3. Tilt the lower dash panel downward until you can see the relays. My relay was white and on the lower row of relays. The end of it had a large 271 on it. Its part number on the side was 443 955 531. Remove this and replace it with a 'programable' relay available from the following:

Automotive Performance Systems

Wolf Sport

You can also order as a Audi/VW part from any Audi/VW dealer. The Part Number is: 3B0 955 531

They cost about $20.00 and are well worth it.

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