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A4 Sunglasses Holder from the New Beetle Christian Long 2001

The VW New Beetle has a handy sunglass holder that goes in place of the driver's grab handle that can be installed in the A4s. This part can be installed in the A4 in place of the grab handle as well and will match the interior perfectly. Though the grab handles are a very important feature to have in your A4 given the great speed at which A4 owners are able to take curves, there is no need for driver's grab handle since the driver's hands will be busy with the steering wheel. The part is dampened so that when you pull it open and let go, it closes slowly and smoothly.

The grab handle is held in place by 2 screws; in earlier years they were phillips screws, in later years they were torx screws. Installation just involves removing the 2 screws and mounting the sunglass holder in place of the grab handle. For level of skill needed to perform this modification, this is a 0.05 out of 10.

I have successfully performed this upgrade on my '97 & '00 A4, so it should apply to all years. Cost is under $20, and can be ordered through your local Audi dealer, or discounted through Clair Parts Express (

Cost: ~ $18.00
Part: VW New Beetle Sunglass holder
Grey: 3B0 857 465 B Y20
Beige: 3B0 857 465 B 3PT

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