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NR Gauge Face Replacement Ching Hung 2002

Step 1: Take out the instrument cluster.

Step 2: Disconnect the plugs.

Step 3: Remove the remaining plugs.

Step 4: Remove the cover. Take out the screws and snap open the cover.

Step 5: Replace the old factory face. You may want to put masking tape at the back of the face between coolant temperature gauge and fuel gauge to prevent shines through from the high beam light bulb.

Step 6: Re-stall the gauge needles. Mark the needle position before removal would make needles re-installation much easier. Voltage and Oil temperature needles should drift back to "Ignition off" position when manually moved. You may plug the instrument panel back on the to check the needles positions. Adjust if necessary.

Step 7: Use compress air or air duster to blow out dust. Pull everything back together. This replacement is not very difficult. All the gauge work fine afterward.

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