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Installing the Passat Cupholder Eric Seto 2002

The Passat cupholder is a great modification for those who: replaced their pop-out cupholder with a turbo timer; drive and corner fast and often spill drinks with the stock, unreliable cupholders; keep their armrest down while driving and thus render the under-the-armrest cupholders useless.  In any case, it's cheap and easy to do and very much effective.  Here's what you'll need to do the job quickly and with no hitches:


- Passat cupholder (available from for $33.95) - part # 3A1-862-531-01C
- two #6 x 1" screws (3/4" or 1/2" screws will also work)
- power drill
- 1/8" drill bit
- Philips head screwdriver


Move the passenger seat to the frontmost position to ensure that the cupholder will not interfere with the seat. Pry the plastic center console piece out a few inches, just enough for you to slip the mounting tabs on the back of the cupholder behind it. Now you can position the cupholder where you like, making sure it is level and is not in the way of the passenger seat or glove box. After you have adjusted the cupholder to your desired position, use the power drill with 1/8" bit to drill through the holes where the mounting screws will go. Drill slowly, and you should be through the plastic in about 10 seconds.  Do this for both screw holes.  Now take two #6 screws and a Philips head screwdriver and screw them in those newly drilled holes until the screwheads can go no more.  Your Passat cupholder is now firmly secure and you can drive with confidence, knowing your drinks are safe from spilling and your precious Audi is safe from evil stains.

Time of install: ~ 10 minutes

Level of difficulty (from 1-10, 10 being hard as nuts to install): 1.5

Note: You are responsible for all DIY mods that you perform on your car. This tech article is simply for your convenience and the convenience of others who enjoy a safe driving experience without the hassle of worrying about spilled drinks.  I take no responsibility for any damages you may incur upon your vehicle, so perform at your own risk.  A cupholder of any sort does not give anyone the right to drive while intoxicated.  Please drink (non-alcohol!) and drive responsibly, and enjoy your Audi experience.