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Window Guide Replacement Dan Larson 2004

Vehicle worked on: 1999 Audi A6 2.8 quattro. [Ed. This fix will ONLY apply to C5 A6 models]

Disclaimer: This is a basic walkthrough of a repair I did. I am not a licensed mechanic. You may perform this at your own risk. I am not responsible for your mistakes and this is written as a reference guide only.

Difficulty level: Not too difficult, only problems that should be encountered are alignment issues when reinstalling. About as hard as changing the spark plugs on the 30v V6.

Basic problem: Window operates slowly, wants to halt and go back down, etc... 

Fix: Replace plastic window guides, lube rails. 

Cost: Approx $15.00, 1/2 hr work. 

Part no.: 4B0-837-463-B

Tools: Phillips Screwdriver, Torx T15 and T45, allen wrench or small screwdriver. 


Pass/rear doors, drivers not tackled yet. 

1. I started with the window down. 
2. Remove 2 screws that hold door panel in, one in front jamb, one in rear. 
3. Pop out the power window switch, there is a small hole in the underside of the door handle that you can put a small screwdriver or allen wrench in and pry from the front of the switch toward the rear of the car and pull up. 
4. Disconnect window switch. 
5. Pull door panel up and off. not too tough. 
6. Disconnect 3 wires near front of panel, 2 for speakers, third for ?? didn't trace them out. 
7. Put the door panel in a safe place. 
8. Disconnect power lock harness, power mirror, heated mirror, power window harness. 9. Unclip the wiring from the door panel as much as possible. 
10. Mark the 4 T-45 bolts and shims. (one in each corner) 
11. Remove 4 bolts holding in the inner frame. They may be slightly different, if so make sure to note where each goes. 
12. Pull straight up on the frame. the entire assembly comes out including the mirror and upper window/door frame. Then pull it out of the outer door skin.

13. Place the door frame so you can get to the back portion that is hidden when installed. 
14. Use a T-15 to remove the 2 screws that hold the window in place. 
15. Unclamp the plastic window holders and wiggle them out.  Now you can pull your window down and out of the frame. 
16. Finally you are ready to remove the components that are giving you trouble. 
I found it is easiest to have the window guides in the center of the track, so hook up your switch and put it halfway up. Then rotate the guide toward the outside of the track, then out. 
17. Now flip it over and you will see how it attaches to the cable. Disconnect this and it is out.  Repeat for other guide. 

18. Lube the track and cable with some grease. I prefer White Lithium, it is waterproof and easy to clean up. 

19. Install new guides by locking into cable then placing on outer edge of track and rotating into place. 

20. Put the window guides back to the bottom, and install the glass. I put the glass in so it lined up as I took it out. Then put it all the way to the top to make sure it went into its proper area. 

21. You can now reinstall the inner frame, making sure to use the proper bolts and shims. One has a larger washer on mine than the rest. 
22. Reattach all wiring and test the window. 
23. Reinstall door panel.

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