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Interior Door Handle Replacement fc2004 2004

Here's a short FAQ about how to replace the inner door handle. This was done on the driver side. Passenger side should be the same, except you don't have that many things to disconnect.

Disclaimer: Do this at your own risk.

My latch mechanism broke recently, and I wanted to replace it. This was a fairly easy task, and shouldn't take that long. The thing that took me awhile was getting the oval armrest cover off. Here's a short description of the ordeal.

0) Buy the door handle assembly

1) Remove the Door Panel

1a) Start by removing the two screws at both sides of your door panel as shown below

1b) Remove the screw inside the oval part of your door handle

1c) Remove the over cover part of your door handle. By pulling down. This was a PITA because mine was really tight. So just jerk it around a bit.

1d) Remove the two screws inside the oval part of the the door handle.

1d) Lift the door panel up and off.

2) Disconnect all the wiring on the driver side door.

2a) Disconnect the speaker wires.

2b) Disconnect the mirror wire. (sorry no pix)

2c) Disconnect the 4 window control wires and the rear window lockout wire.

****Make note which window control is plugged in where, otherwise you'll have to figure out when you reassemble things which wire is for which window.

2d) Remove the door handle cable by prying off the clip holding it place. Then remove the cable from the handle

3) Remove the old door handle

3a) Peel back the door panel lining near the door handle.

3b) Remove the screw attaching the door handle to the panel.

3c) Remove the cable for the speaker from the door handle assembly.

3d) Push the two tabs at the side of the door handle assembly and push the door handle assembly out from this side.

3e) Remove the speaker from the door handle assembly by prying off the retention clip.

3f) Remove the door lock switch from the door handle assembly by wiggling a screwdriver here.

4) Replace the door handle assembly by doing the steps in 3 backwards.

5) Reconnect all the wires you unplugged. (You did remember which wire for each window goes where, didn't you?)

6) Reinstall the door panel. You might have a little difficulty trying to get the door panel over the door lock. So, what I did was taped a piece of wire around the door lock so I could thread it through the hole as I reinstalled the door panel.

7) Screw the door panel back in, and replace the oval handle cover. Done.

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