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Tools Needed:                  
Flat head screwdriver              
Philips head screwdriver
Torx T-25 T-30 T-45 sockets
3/8" & 1/4" Ratchet Wrenches
Mat or something else to protect door panel

Parts Needed:
Window Regulator
Clips for door panel (almost impossible to not break one)

Not sure on total completion time as I spent a considerable amount of time figuring out how to do this and taking pictures.

Step 1 (Door panel removal)
Remove the small screw from under the armrest pictured.
Then remove metal trim by pulling trim closest to front towards you then slide to the front (as pictured)

Remove the three screws from under the trim
Ok now from the bottom, pull panel towards you.  It'll take some force and will result in a few clips breaking, but not avoidable (according to the dealer)
With the panel removed from the door remove wire connecting handle linkage.
Then remove and electrical plugs needed to give you enough slack to place panel out of the way.  Speakers, lights, and power windows switch. (I recommend using a mat or towel to place panel on)

Step 2 (Window frame removal)
Pull back plastic sheeting.
Remove 2 screws holding plastic shield, as pictured.

Remove Torx 25 bolt just below above plastic shield. (below)

Remove window motor by removing the 3 small Phillips head screws. (sorry no picture)

Squeeze plastic clips and push thru hole to loosen window regulator. (below)

Carefully remove door seal from around window frame.

Remove plug on door just above latch and using Torx 45 remove bolt.
Remove Torx 30 bolt just below latch. (pictured below)

Remove plug on inside of door near top hinge and remove bolt using Torx - 45.

Now remove foam near hinge side to uncover 1 Torx 30 bolt and remove. (circled and numbered 1)

Remove 2 Torx 45 bolts on left and right side.  Pictured above with number 2.  The other is hidden behind foam on top right side of panel.

The window frame with glass and window regulator should now come out.
Remove the 2 screws that hold the window to the regulator.

Slide glass out by swinging window track to the side.

With the glass out, the screw holding the window regulator to the frame is now accessible.

Install everything in the reverse order.  When putting the window frame back into the door it's important to install the 2 Torx 45 bolts hidden (hidden under the foam) FIRST.  The bolts are designed to align the frame to the door.
Also when installing the door seals a small flat head screwdriver covered with masking tape works best.