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Installing a TTRS Steering Wheel into a B7 Audi RS4 Reggie 2010

Installing a TTRS Steering Wheel into a B7 Audi RS4

The existing Airbag cannot be used with this install they are totally different. You have to use the one that comes with the shipment.

Equipment Needed:
10mm box or open end wrench
Small thin flat blade screw driver
Torx T30 bit
Triple square ZXN12 bit (I got mine from Amazon VIM XZN400 Triple Square Drive Set)
Blue Lock Tight
· VAGCOMis not needed - everything is plug and play
· New tabs for the TTRS steering wheel (Audi Part Number (x2) 8J0 419 732 6PS - Pad

European automotive shop should be able to do the install in 30 minutes.
I did it under an hour easily and I was taking pictures

Basic installation procedure:
1. Disconnect the battery with a 10mm box or open end wrench. (This is a safety precaution others have done it without this procedure but not me (and I worked on nukes for four years in the Air Force). Remove the plastic cover and then use the wrench to loosen the nut on the connector and slip the connector off the terminal. Do not close the trunk till you have reattached the battery cable. Note you can wait on this and disconnect the battery after you have rotated the wheel and removed the bolts for the airbag (step 3) and rotated the wheel straight This prevents the initial warning that comes on after you restart the car.

2. Using a small thin flat blade screw driver and pry the two torx covers off the rear of the steering wheel.

Here is what the tab looks like removed. You do not reuse these with the TTRS wheel.

3. Using your T 30 Torx socket and loosen the bolts at the rear of the steering wheel.  These hold the airbag into the wheel. The airbag will side right out of the old steering wheel and you will undo the large yellow plug and black small plug. You can see the orange sliding lock on the yellow connector you slide that toward yourself to unlock it. Remove stock airbag completely. On the black connector there is a tab that one will press that releases the opposite side of the connector

4. Turn the steering wheel till it the wheels are pointed straight ahead. Using the XZN12 triple square bit on an extension with a larger ratchet or breaker bar remove the center nut.

5. Slide stock steering wheel off.

6. Using the T30 Torx socket remove the airbag from the new TTRS wheel and disconnect theblack connectors.

7. Slide new steering wheel on the same orientation of the old steering wheel. (wheel straight ahead is the best way to start)

8. Put a dab of Blue Lock tight on the center bolt and start threading by hand. Using the triple square bit tighten to a high torque.

9. Bring new airbag up to steering wheel and plug the large yellow plug in till you hear a click to indicate that it is locked and the small black plug in. (slide black plug into holder)

10. Slide airbag into steering wheel and using your Torx driver tighten the airbag into plate. (medium torque, do not strip)

Attach the new two new tabs (covers for the torx bolt) for the TTRS steering wheel

Go for a test drive and enjoy.

Occasionally people have reported that a warning light is present concerning the angle sensor, however this will almost always go away on its own after a day or so, depending on how much you drive mine went out in less than a few minutes. 

No coding is required via VAG-COM.

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