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A Replacement for Stock Cup Holders Keith Meaden 1997

The one thing that I dislike about the A4 the most, is the Cup Holders. Yes, they are fancy & impress with their smooth pop-up action. But short of that they are pretty well useless.

There is a solution to the problem of carrying a hot cup of coffee in your A4. Turn to Volkswagen. I fitted a Passat cupholder in my Jetta, which I plan to transfer to my A4.

The Passat initally did not come with cupholders. Then VW fitted a nifty pop out cup holder which holds two large cups with ease. It is located on the passenger side of the center console, down near the leg area. It fits up under the plastic trim with little work involved.

It comes in black, grey (I think) and beige. That will pretty well cover the interior colors of the A4.

The part number of mine, which is black is: 3A1-862-531--01C.
The two mounting screws are N-902-412-03.

I find it very useful and looks very smart.

Note: Put the cupholder onto the lip (it can be difficult) and adjust its position to ensure that it will not interfere with seat and glovebox. Mark the locations for the holes and drill very slowly. The console plastic drills very easy and you don't want the drill bit to snag on the carpet behind the panel when it does go through.

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