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Cup Holder Modification for Center Console Christian J. Long 1998

A4 Cupholder

The materials I used are as follows:

  • Velcro - I got the Velcro at Walmart in a 2" x 8" sheet in the fabric section
  • Sheet of Black plastic 1.5mm thick - I bought this at a local plastic supply store
  • Wood
  • Contact cement

If your Audi has the Cell phone outlet in the center console bin, you will have to remove it. It just pulls out, then you unplug the wire, and stuff the wire back under the center console.

Remove the rubber floor of the center console bin. Now you will need a new floor for your center bin, piece 1 will be the new floor. Cut it to the specifications in the plans, and check for proper fit. Once done, you will then carpet the piece with the FEMALE piece of velcro. Male velcro is the hard pointed side, Female is the soft, carpet like side.

Piece 2 will be the hard part. I cut the wood piece first, then started cutting the black pieces to fit it. The top piece is meant to hold the cup with it's curved cut out, and the front and back have black plastic to hide the wood underneath. The bottom piece is the rest for the drink. The sides of the piece will still have exposed wood as you will see in the plans, but once installed, you don't see the sides at all, so it was not a concern for me. You may want to paint the exposed wood black if it bothers you.

You can attach the pieces to the wood with contact cement or screws. I used contact cement due to its strength and I didn't like the look of exposed screw heads. I did attach the bottom piece with screws, since they will not be seen anyway.

Once piece 2 is finished, carpet the bottom with the MALE piece of velcro.

Now the cup holder is finished. It holds bigger cups than the factory ones, and is adjustable due to the piece being velcroed in place. You can move the holder forward or backward to fit the cup, or remove piece 2 if you need the console bin to store something else. Piece 2 will fit in the door map pocket when you want it out of the way.

Click Here for printable plans for the project. If you have any questions or improvements on my design, feel free to email me.

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