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'98 -vs- '98.5 A4 (What's the Difference?) Robert Overcash 1998

In an attempt to distinguish between the '98 and '98.5 monikers used on the Forum, here is a fairly exhaustive list of changes made to mid-year 98s vs. early production 98s (predominantly on 2.8 models):


  1. There are no black jelly bean Audi logos below the side markers
  2. The tail lamps are solid red (no amber signals)
  3. The ABS system updated to version 5.3

  1. The instrument panel now has different hash markings and is *always* illuminated
  2. The analog clock in the instrumet cluster has numerals at 3, 6, 9, and 12
  3. The warning light cluster in the center of the instrument panel (above the outside temp gauge on non trip-equipped models) now has 6 little warning light squares instead of the old 4 big ones
  4. Atmospheres interior selections introduced
  5. Sport steering wheel center hub gets "golf ball dimples" (previously faux rivets) with matching shift knob
  6. There are illiminated red "courtesy lamps" inside the doors when opened
  7. Side airbags (in seat bolsters)
  8. The stereo head unit is the middle-button Concert, not left-button Delta
  9. Center armrest storage compartment release latch is lift-to-open vs. slide-left-to-open
  10. Alarm "armed" red LED lights moved to doors (next to lock thingies) - Alarm activation used to be indicated by blinking red triangle on Hazard
  11. Lights switch
  12. Variable intermittent wiper control
  13. Sport seats available in leather (cloth on 1.8Ts)
  14. Headliner material is different (no longer looks/feels like felt)
  15. Bose sound system no longer available as stand-alone option w/out CD changer
  16. Late 98's (beginning ~7/98) also received new stationary cupholders relocated to under center armrest in place of quarky old "pop-up" ones

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