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A4 Forum FAQ Sal Rosale 2001
1. How much hp will intake get me? Where do I get one?  

None for the 1.8T, some for our NT 2.8 brothers and sisters. You can find K&N dealers here. Cone air filters can be purchased through places like lltek

2. What's a turbo timer? Do I need one? Where do I get one? Where's the cheapest place to get one? Is it easy to install? Does it work with the factory alarm?  

A turbo timer will enable you to NOT have to wait in the car as your turbo cools down. You don't need one, but more of a convinience thing. The cheapest place online for a new one to get it is at or cheaper used at Run a search for greddy and turbo timer or just turbo timer. Just follow this TT FAQ and you'll be fine. If you like pictures too, check this from What is Real?'s site. Will work with factory alarm. Follow FAQs 

3. What weight oil to use? Which synthetic? When to switch to sythetic? Can you switch anytime? Does the A4 come w/ sythetic from the dealer? Can you mix dino and sythetic oil?  

0w-30, 5w-30, 10w-30 are all good choices. Mobil 1 is favored here. Can switch anytime after 5K. Recommended after 10K for proper sealing. Yes, it does. Yes, you can.

4. How do I post a pic in my sig? A pic link in my sig?  

For a pic in your sig: <img src=""> For a link in your sig pic: <a href=""><img src=""></a&g t; 

5. Anyone paint their lower trim? Pic? Cost to paint?  

Yes. For pics... Average cost to paint ranges from ~$400-$500 US 

6. What's a BOV? BOV vs. BPV? Is a BOV a good mod?  

A BOV is a Blow Off Valve. A BOV vents excess pressure generated b/w shifts to the atmosphere, thus purging the air OUT of the intake tract. A BPV RECIRCULATES the purged air and keeps IN the intake tract. For the purpose of the A4 1.8T, utilizing a BOV is NOT a good idea as it will cause a rich condition (i.e. less air to fuel ratio) and cause damage to the cat, soot on the exhaust pipes, occasional misfiring due to the loss of the purged air, etc. 

7. Suggestions on aftermarket exhaust?  

Exhaust system goes like this: turbo -> cat -> downpipe -> resonator -> muffler Cat-back systems include the downpipe, center section, and muffler: Borla 2.25" Neuspeed/Borla 2.5" APR 2.5" Fox 2.5" Brullen 2.5" Forge-Milltek MTM Slip-joint back systems are essentially downpipe-back. They include only the center section and the muffler: Scorpion 70mm PES Tuning, RPI, PGPerformance Supersprint 2.25" HKS Klasse 2.4" ABT Oettinger Muffler-only: Remus Exhaust info courtesy of JCJiffy  

8. Will the S4 bumper and side skirts fit the A4? Does it come with fogs? Will stock A4 fogs fit?

Yes. S4 fogs don't come with the bumper. A4 fogs won't fit S4 bumper. 

9. What bulbs are used for lows, highs, and fog lights?  

For 99 and earlier: H7, H7, H1 For 99.5+: H7, H7, and H7. 

10. What are Euro-spec Housings? Headlight upgrade options?  

Euro-spec housings are housings that have clear corners w/out the amber insert, contains city lights, and has bulb covers over the turn signals. If you have 99.5+ OEM halogen, you can get Euro housings with the clear corners and it will fit stock bulbs. You can also upgrade to aftermarket Xenons and it will work with stock OEM housings or the Euro projector housings. If you have 2000+ OEM Xenons, you HAVE to get the Euro S4 Xenon housings as the A4 Euro projector housings will NOT accept the OEM Xenon bulb. If you have the two piece headlights, you can upgrade to aftermarket Euro two-piece system from Lltek that can be bought with HID or not or go the 99.5+ route with some minor fender triming. For those of you on a budget, there are other options available other than getting Euro Housings as an upgrade. For example, if you are a 99 and earlier A4 owner and want a one piece conversion headlight system, you can acquire a used set of 99.5+ headlight housing and install w/ some minor fender trimming as it utilizes the some blub size. From that, you can upgrade to aftermarket Xenons and it will work w/ OEM one piece halogen housings. HOWEVER, YOU MUST PURCHASE HOUSINGS FROM SOMEONE THAT DIDN'T HAVE OEM XENONS. OEM Xenon housings are made for OEM Xenon systems. For you 99.5+ people, you can just upgrade to aftermarket Xenons that can be purchase listed below. Places to get Euro Housings: AWE-Tuning PGPerformance Places to get Aftermarket Xenons: SPP Lltek  

11. Which chip is best?  

They are all good. To date, the favs are GIAC and APR w/ a few followers from MTM and ABT and Wett. The recommendation is going with a local tuner in case of unseen problems that may arise from chipping. WARNING! You may encounter warranty issues by chipping. If a problem occurs and can possibly be tied by the addition of an aftermarket chip, get ready for some serious trouble about getting the repairs done under warranty. CHIPPING CAN VOID YOUR WARRANTY. This is not meant to scare you. Just to inform you. 12. What to consider when doing a K04 Upgrade? Read this...  

13. Will RS4 bumpers fit?  

No because of the flared fanders, but you can get a RS4 facsimile from DTM Autohaus that will fit the A4. 

14. Will S4 brakes fit?  


15. What is the hidden EQ? How do I access it?  

The hidden EQ is a hidden graphic equilizer found in the SYMPHONY head units. You can access it by turnin off the power, hold down radio button number 5, and then turn on the power. More details here

16. Do TT pedals fit?  

Only the dead pedal will fit. The others don't fit. 

17. How do I change the spark plugs?  

For 2000 and earlier: 1) Remove engine-cover plastic shroud. 2) You'll then see the four coil-packs. There are two allen-head bolts holding the coil-packs in. Loosen the two bolts and pull the coil-pack up and out of the hole. 3) Remove spark plug. 4) Installation is the reverse of removal. Torque specs for changing plugs Plugs: 22 ft-lbs Hex bolts 7 ft-lbs 

18. Where to get boost gauge for cheap? Where do I tap it?  

You can get a gauge for cheap from Summit Racing or Turbo Imports. Another option it to the the boost gauge kit from AWE or the A-pillar boost gauge kit from SPP. There are two places you can tap it. One is the Fuel pressure regulator at the back of the engine bay or the line that runs off the intake manifold towards the wastegate check valve at the front of the car. See this link for more details. 

19. When I turn on the A/C, a visible vapor accompanied by an unpleasant odor. Is this normal? How do I get rid of the smell?  

It's normal. It's simply the air condensing when the water content in the air comes in contact w/ the cold air. If you haven't been using your A/C much, some fungal residue may build. Possible solution is to the turn up the heat on the A/C and have it blasting to kill the bacteria that resides in your A/C vent system. Another suggestion is to turn your A/C off (i.e. leave the fan on but hit ECON to turn the compressor off) for the last 10-15 minutes of your trip. This allows the A/C components (duct-work, etc.) to warm up and for the condensation that forms on them to dry off (since there is still airflow 'cause you are still driving). This will limit the bacteria growth. It is especially important to do if you are going to be leaving your car parked for any length of time and/or it is humid out (more humidity = more condensation). 

20. How do I get that little panel off above the center console where the cupholder and fog buttons reside for 99.5+ cars?  

Can pull it off or pry off using a teeny tiny screwdriver. Just be careful not to scratch your interior trim. 

21. What gives the 2001 1.8T more power? What's VVT?  

Lower compression, higher stock boost levels compared to 2000 and earlier MY, and VVT. VVT is Variable Valve Timing. It changes the timing of the intake cam using a phase actuator on the chain connecting the intake and exhaust cams. 

22. My center cluster, trip computer, LCD display on my gauge cluster went out. Is there a fix?  

Hit the reset button on the underside of of wiper stalk (right stalk) to turn the trip computer on/off.

23. How do I remove the front bumper??  

Read this...