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CV Joint/Boot Repair Andy TN 2002

Checked your CV boots lately?

I must give big thanks to JustDave for his assistance.

Tools List:
-Lots of latex....gloves.
-23mm socket
-14mm allen socket
-8mm triple-square (12 point) 
-16mm open ended wrenches / sockets
-circlip pliers
-breaker bar
-torque wrench
-CV boot kit (25 bucks at ClairParts)


First off, here's what we'll be dealing with:

1. Pop out center cap and remove collar bolt for drive axle. If you have a standard hex bolt, it will be 23mm. If you have an allen bolt, then it is 14mm. My '97 had the 23mm bolt, and the 14mm allen bolt will be included in the CV boot kit. It should always be replaced, never re-used.

2. Remove wheel.

3. Disconnect the axle from the drive flange on the transmission, by removing the six (6) bolts with a 8mm triple square bit [12pt] (only 3 are visible in the pic).

4. Pull out the ABS sensor from the wheel bearing housing.

5. Disconnect both upper links (control arms), with two 16mm wrenches or a socket.


6. After removing the bolt, gently tap out the control arms from the bottom. Do NOT use a screwdriver (or similar) to pry open the slots.


7. Turn the steering wheel to the left, as far as it will go. You should now be able to manipulate the hub assembly in order to pull the driveshaft out.

8. Put the driveshaft in a vice on a workbench.

9. Clean off some of the grease, so you can see what you're doing. Drive off the CV joint with a drift. Place drift on one of the points of the "star," as seen by the yellow arrow.



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